Work experience

Junior Software Development Engineer - Nokia

📖 As a Junior Web Development Engineer, I worked in a multicultural and diverse team, made up of Romanian and Finnish people. I helped in improving and maintaining an internal tool, used by the upper management for KPI(Key Performance Indicators) creation, management, and tracking. With my help, the internal tool got a new, modern UI, along with major improvements to the UX. I also fixed various bugs and investigated performance issues.

🖥️ C#(.NET), JavaScript(jQuery), CSS(Bootstrap 3), Azure, SQL

Full Stack Developer - SmartValue Services

📖 As a Full Stack Web Developer, I helped develop new features for internal tools used by Newpharma, the largest Belgian online pharmacy. As such, I developed my communication skills through interacting with our Belgian clients. I developed tools used for customer support, order refunding, warehouse management, pharmacy management, as well as internal frameworks and libraries, such as our internal API library. I also helped reviewing code for my peers.

🖥️ PHP, SQL(MySQL), JavaScript, jQuery, HandlebarsJS

Full Stack Developer - UnifiedPost

📖 At UnifiedPost, we are developing a rapidly growing SaaS, that is handling all aspects of payments and invoices for a certain enterprise. As a Full Stack Developer, I've been responsible for developing various internal API and features, including UI/UX changes.

🖥️ Ruby, Rails, Angular, TypeScript

Full Stack Developer - Endava

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🖥️ NodeJS, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript