My projects

Bachelor's project -


📖 was my Bachelor's Project. Initially, it was envisioned as an online mentoring platform, but it evolved over time as a full fledged eLearning platform, that allows users to search and view various lessons over various topics. It also allows users to add and manage their own lessons using an integrated Markdown editor.

🖥️ Svelte, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Puppetter, Heroku, BulmaCSS

Personal Website V1


📖 This was the first iteration of my personal website. It was built while employed at my first job, and was a playground for a myriad of ideas.

🖥️ HTML, CSS(Bootstrap 4), JavaScript(jQuery), Netlify

DAVINO QR Generator/Redirect


📖 This app is used by Davino Wineries for a future wine label concept. The label will use a QR code generated by this app, with customizable redirects to various other resources picked by Davino.

🖥️ JavaScript, Svelte, Netlify

Personal Website V2

In maintanance

📖 You are looking at it right now. It was made to be easier to expand with new content, and to learn new technologies. It will also be a sandbox for new ideas.

🖥️ Svelte(SvelteKit), Tailwind CSS, Netlify

GW2 Discord Bot

In development

📖 A Discord bot that connects to the Guild Wars 2 API, using a user generated API key, that can show a player relevant data, including stats about achievements, inventory, and current quests.

🖥️ JavaScript, DiscordJS

Covid Certificate Generator

In development

📖 This is an app that generates COVID certificates, for being able to travel outside, during restrictions in Romania. It takes user input, and outputs a PDF with all of the necessary data.

🖥️ Ruby, Rails, Angular, Heroku